Google’s App Developer Challenge now open for entries

Google yesterday announced that its Google App Developer Challenge, it launched just last month, is now open for entry submissions.

Contestants have until August 24 to submit their Apps to the challenge. Entries can be submitted via the Google Apps Developer Challenge 2012 Web page.
In a statement, Chukwuemeka Afigbo, Program Manager, Google Sub-Saharan Africa, said the entries are open in the following three application categories:

*Enterprise / Small Business Solutions e.g., Accounting, Sales, Workflow, Collaboration; *Social / Personal Productivity / Games / Fun; *Education / Not for Profit / Water / Food & Hunger / Health.

Afigbo added that there are many resources made available to developers before they submit their applications for entry. He encouraged them to use these resources.
The resources include the ability to ask questions on the Google+ Office Hours and Google Developers Live, being able to read up on Apps Script and the Drive and Apps APIs on Google Developers, and being able to review the latest updates since Google I/O as well as the pre-submission checklist.
Also, developers are encouraged to post questions and comments using the hashtag #gappschallenge on Google+.

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