Official Twitter Olympics page launched

The microblogging site Twitter continues to showcase its recently launched “event pages” by launching an official page for the London Olympics 2012.

This aims to be on hand for every major event to encourage users to use the site in tracking the Olympics as well as to entice new users to the site.
Already, on the day of the opening ceremony, Twitter reported having seen more Tweets about the Olympics in a single day than it did during the entire Beijing games in 2008.
The event page is available to anyone in the USA who visits it.
In an announcement, Chloe Sladden who is VP of Media at Twitter said: “Similar to our event pages for NASCAR and the Euro 2012 football championship, the Olympics event page will feature a mix of Tweets to bring you all of the best moments, as they happen on-air, on Twitter, and on the field …or track, or uneven bars. And as you’re watching the coverage presented by NBC Olympics, you’ll see complementary Tweets, offering a 360° perspective of the games.”
“This page will highlight Tweets from athletes, coaches, teams, families, NBC personalities, fans, and many other Olympic insiders. When those nail-biting, riveting, and emotional moments unfold, you’ll see and hear directly from all of those who are closest to the action,” Sladden added.

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