Zambia’s countryside entrepreneurs to benefit from VSAT technology

Zambian Internet service provider Realtime has partnered with data broadband supplier SkyeVine to offer very small aperture terminal (VSAT) technology to entrepreneurs in rural areas.

Economic analysts suggest the VSAT, two-way satellite communications system designed for home and business use, will facilitate accessible, affordable and faster Internet services to business people in Zambia’s rural areas.

SkyeVine’s managing executive Antin Kotze stated that the new gadget once complete would be used to handle usage profile hence making use of data transfer, which minimizes cost.

Kotze added that users willing to buy the product will benefit as no installation fee will be charged.

Realtime Zambia’s managing director, corporate development Ken Hyslop said he totally welcomed the partnership and the company would increase its revenue.

Hyslop hailed SkyeVine for pioneering broadband in the country and commented on its speed saying its fast affordable, reliable and can be easily accessed anywhere in the nation while its installation and service is frequent throughout the year.

Realtime Zambia offers broadband services such as Fibre-optic, Free Space Optics, Wireless Network and VSAT.

The introduction of 3G mobile broadband, national Fibre networks, introduction of WiMAX wireless broadband have increased Internet accessibility in Zambia. According to a 2011 report, Zambia International submarine Fibre Optic once unveiled, had the prices of broadband drop. The report also estimates 8 percent revenue increase per year in the telecommunications industry.

SkyeVine covers the Sub-Saharan Africa region providing Internet-based services using its state-of-the-art remote terminal unit to offer Ethernet interface to a computers or LAN router at limited rates of 256kbps while the receive rate of 4Mbps. It is the only VSAT provider in the country.

New Dawn geostationary satellite infrastructure is used to facilitate faultless coverage by a 90-centimetre subscriber terminal connecting Africa-to-Africa.

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