Nigeria’s “Netflix” Attracts 100,000 Users in 2 Months

Taunted as Africa’s Netflix, iROKOtv has announced that by January, its user base grew to 100,000 users with over 1,000,000 hours of film viewed online. In December the site saw over 20,000 unique visitors daily.

These stats definitely show that Africa is also leaning on the video streaming services, which have overtaken the US entertainment industry. Sites like Netflix and Hulu have become popular attracting over a million users since their inception.

Iroko Partners the parent company launched three streaming services in Nigeria which is picking up quite well, iROKOtv becoming one of them. The other two are iROKtv which is a video share service and iROKING.com a music streaming service.

Video on demand and streaming services are set to curb piracy of films in Africa. The technological framework in Africa will help speed up the process of Video on Demand.

Operating in the third largest film industry in the world, Iroko Partners have achieved a lot in their e-entertainment endeavors. As they state, “Iroko Partners is the largest distributor of Nigerian Entertainment globally, YouTube’s biggest partner in Africa with 152 Million views in 2011 and have content distribution deals with Dailymotion, iTunes, Amazon and Vimeo”.

iROKOtv is free for use until June 2012 when they will start charging for the service. It is not clear how much fee they will charge. But one thing is definite, it’s that the biggest film industry in Africa is pointing to technology as its future.

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