Oracle acquires Xsigo, network virtualization company

Oracle yesterday announced it has entered into an agreement to buy Xsigo Systems, a network virtualization technology provider. The acquisition is expected to extend Oracle’s virtualization capabilities by providing it with software-defined networking technology for cloud environments.

Xsigo’s software-defined networking technology allows customers to connect any server to any network and storage. This results in increased asset utilization and application performance while reducing cost.
“The proliferation of virtualized servers in the last few years has made the virtualization of the supporting network connections essential,” said John Fowler, Oracle Executive Vice President of Systems.
“With Xsigo, customers can reduce the complexity and simplify management of their clouds by delivering compute, storage and network resources that can be dynamically reallocated on-demand,” Fowler continued.

It is further expected that the combination of Xsigo for network virtualization and Oracle VM for server virtualization will deliver a set of virtualization capabilities for cloud environments.

Commenting on the acquisition, Lloyd Carney who is Xsigo’s CEO, said customers are focused on reducing costs and improving utilization of their network.
“Virtualization of these resources allows customers to scale compute and storage for their public and private clouds while matching network capacity as demand dictates,” he said.

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