Bandwidth prices drop by 67% in Lesotho

The West Indian Ocean Cable Company (WIOCC) has stated that Internet bandwidth prices in Lesotho have fallen by approximately 67 percent as a result of the region’s connection to terrestrial and submarine fibre-optic cable networks.

WIOCC has invested in undersea cables along Africa’s coastline including the Eassy and SEACOM cables.
Until recently, all internet access in Lesotho was terminated in neighbouring country, South Africa. As a result, this dictated how much international bandwidth capacity Lesotho had, according to Chris Wood — Chief Executive of WIOCC.
Wood said: “The connection provided by WIOCC terminates in Europe and provides Lesotho with faster and more affordable connectivity. This change will have a significant impact on the daily lives of the Basotho and Lesotho businesses.”

It is hoped that all telecommunications service providers in Lesotho will benefit from the infrastructure and reduced costs, which should further translate into savings for the consumers.
“Our extensive network reach also enables international enterprises, ISPs and carriers to terminate their services in Lesotho. This, together with the introduction of reduced wholesale pricing, will open up further opportunities in the region,” Woods added.

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