Telkom SA’s latest IP-based solution, SpaceStream Home, launched

Telkom South Africa has launched its “latest” Internet Protocol (IP) device brand named SpaceStream Home.

The device offers Internet access with the speed rate of up to 512kbps while downloading. Telephone lines per single operation can either be one or two Voice over IP with a monthly bandwidth of 1 Gigabyte (GB) connected to the Internet. It will offer small entrepreneurs and residential clients voice and Internet services.
The system uses the Ku frequency band (12-18 GHz) space segment and 1.2 meter antenna dish, which is resistant to water thus excellent in rainy or poor weather conditions boosting its reliability.
Telkom’s Steve Lewis said the company wants to reach out to its customers in regions where accessibility of Internet through wireless or wireline network is not reliable. Clients using manual exchanges, old copper wire technologies and SKA exclusion zones will also benefit.
He further explained that SpaceStream Home is the company’s latest technology that delivers voice and Internet services to regions, which have poor infrastructure in terms cable connectivity.
The region has been vulnerable to cable theft while the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) is restricted to large radio silence around the antennas thus limiting terrestrial wireless systems and cellular phones. SpaceStream Home however fulfills SKA’s requirements, according to reports.

According to Lewis, the technology will be useful to farmers who use telecommunication services to manage their business.

The cost SpaceStream Home is R499 (US$61.03) per month with installation fee of R6,914.24 (US$ 845.24) for both voice and data services.
To make the service more affordable, according to the company’s website, customers can pay installation fee per month. For 24 months, one will part with R814 (US$99.55) per month while 12-month contract costs R1,103(US$134.90) monthly.
Internet connectivity in the country is growing tremendously. A study by World Wide Worx South Africa reveals Internet browsing increased from 33 percent to 41 percent, while the number of mobile Internet subscribers rose by 50 percent since 2010.

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