Tablet Wars: Apple iOS is still big in Africa

A report by PingDom suggests that iOS is the biggest operating system in use in tablets in Africa.

The study, carried during the month of July, says iOS enjoys a 78.1 percent share compared to Android’s 21.2 percent.

This means that less Android powered tablets such as the Samsung Note are being bought in the African market. The tablet market in Africa has been dominated especially by the iPad but new Android tablets have made their way into the continent.

Just last month, Chinese tech firm Huawei launched the Huawei Media Pad in Kenya and hopes to replicate their android phone success in the East African country.

The report however has a twist point. Africa has the second highest percentage of Android powered tablets. It trails after South America, which has a 21.4 percent.

South Africa was noted as one of the regions where the Android OS is doing well. South Africa has a percentage of 74.5 for the iOS and 25.1 percent for the Android operating system.

Apple sold over 17 million tablets during its latest fiscal quarter. This represents a huge market challenge for newcomers such as Google’s Nexus 7 inch tab.

Pingdom warns that the research is not on device sale but on web browsing statistics from the tabs.

“Even if we give some room for error in the estimates in this survey, it’s probably fair to say that the iPad currently has somewhere between 80-90% of the worldwide tablet market today. If Apple can remain a dominant player in the long run remains to be seen, but for now it’s doing just fine against the onslaught of Android-based devices that have come into the market,” Pingdom stated.

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