Watch Out World Pave Way for the Silicon Savannah

What is the future for African Technology scene? Nothing but an upward trend is being predicted. With over 50% of the African population being under 20 years, the fast broadband internet penetration in most of the African countries, then the developing countries need to take heed to this continent.

In a TEDx presentation, Anat Bar-Gera, the co-founder and chairperson of 4G Africa, a company providing high internet speeds in Cameroon, she outlines why Africa is going to be a market leader in technology.

But as she urges developed nations to troop to Africa and take advantage of the opportunities available, African midsized and startup companies need also to see this apparent opportunity. We definitely do not need to sit and wait. Trade not Aid!

Take a look at the 18 minute presentation and tell us your thoughts.

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