MWeb, South Africa’s leading ISP, slashes ADSL prices

South Africa’s second leading Internet service provider MWeb has cut the prices of its uncapped Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL), a technology for high-speed Internet access that uses copper telephone lines to send and receive data.

MWeb has in addition added a new ADSL uncapped product to its range of offers.

The company said the prices of 10Mbps uncapped and unshaped ADSL would be reduced by US$119 per month.

Its entry level offering 1Mbps uncapped ADSL remains unchanged at US$23 per month. Customers on 1Mbpms can however now double their data at an additional US$20 per month while high-end users on MWeb’s 4Mbps products can now upgrade to a 10Mbps connection at US$48 extra per month.

MWeb’s chief executive Derek Hershaw said the 10Mbps uncapped ADSL was the best product locally, unlimited to small office networks, downloading of large files and rich media, movies, online gaming, and voice IP calling.

According to the company, the 1Mbps introduction conversion to 2mbps was motivated by telecoms migration of its 1Mbps ADSL lines to Mbps between August and September.

MWeb added that its 2Mbps package at US$44 per month is sufficient allowing its customers to use the uncapped connections without experiencing slow networks.

ADSL is a type of digital subscriber line technology, a data communications technology that ensures faster data transmission over copper telephone lines compared to using conventional voiceband modems.

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