134 Million African Internet Users in a Decade

A decade ago, the number of African Internet users stood at 4.5 million. Today the figure has risen close to 140 million users which is a 2 988.4% growth according to a research by the Internet World Stats.

Nigeria tops the list with 45m (37%) users followed by Egypt (21.7m), Morrocco (15.7m), Kenya (10.5m) and South Africa (6.8m) in the top five. Liberia with 20 000 users and Guinea Bissau, 37 000 spot the lowest number of internet users in Africa.

And with a population of a billion people, Africa has a 13.5% internet penetration compared to the world internet penetration average of 32.7%.Asia records the highest number of Internet users at a billion though Africa and the Middle East record the highest growth rate at 2,988.4 % and 2,244.8 % respectively.

The report also maps the number of Facebook users in every African country. Turns out that the most active Facebook users are Egyptians with 9 million users. South Africa has 4.8m users, Nigeria 4.3m and Morocco 4m. Though fourth with the highest Internet users, Kenya only has 1.3 million active users on Facebook.When it comes to Twitter though, South Africans were voted the most active tweeters. This is according results of a survey released last month by the Portland Communications and Tweetminster.
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