HP wins court battle against Oracle

HP has been involved in ongoing litigation with Oracle regarding HP’s Intel Itanium platform. The contract now requires Oracle to port its software to Itanium-based servers.

In a statement, HP said that the proposed ruling is a tremendous win for them and their customers.
HP further stated that The Superior Court of the State of California, Santa Clara County, has confirmed the existence of a contract between HP and Oracle that requires Oracle to port its software products to HP’s Itanium-based servers.
HP expects Oracle to comply with its contractual obligation as ordered by the Court.
The Court ordered and declared as follows:(1)

*In this action for declaratory relief, the Court finds in favor of HP and against Oracle on both the breach of contract and promissory estoppel causes of action brought by HP.

*The Settlement and Release Agreement entered into by HP, Oracle and Hurd on September 20, 2010, requires Oracle to continue to offer its product suite on HP’s Itanium-based server platforms and does not confer on Oracle the discretion to decide whether to do so or not.

*The terms “product suite” means Oracle software products that were offered on HP’s Itanium-based servers at the time Oracle signed the September 20, 2010 Settlement and Release Agreement, including any new releases, versions or updates of those products.

*Oracle’s obligation to continue to offer its products on HP’s Itanium-based server platforms lasts until HP discontinues the sales of its Itanium-based servers.

*Oracle is required to port its products to HP’s Itanium-based servers without charge to HP.”

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