African nations readying for broadband boost

Africa’s Internet connectivity could improve further following the partnership of International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and Nexpedience over a broadband project targeted to cover parts the continent.

Nexpedience will provide 180 fresh Expedience base stations at a cost of US$1 million targeting six nations namely Burundi and later on Djibouti, Burkina Faso, Mali, Rwanda and Swaziland.
The devices are designed to function irrespective of poor weather conditions. According to ITU, they would as well as provide up to 32 kilometres of coverage, suitable for rural areas.
With the latest development, the ITU’s Wireless Broadband Network in Africa is aimed to develop and implement wireless broadband connectivity to improve the Internet connectivity leading to low-cost e-services in schools, hospitals and the marginalized communities in remote regions.
While signing the agreement in Geneva, Director of ITU’s Telecommunication Development Bureau Brahima Sanou said the partnership signifies progress to the ITU.
He hopes the two companies will ensure broadband across Africa reaches villages and cities as well enhance ‘high-speed link to users everywhere.’ ITU Secretary-General Dr Hamadoun Touré praised the partnership as a major step in linking Africa.
The 2011/2012 ICT Africa access and usage survey conducted by Research ICT Africa firm indicates great improvement in ICT access as compared to the 2007/2008 findings.
ITU is an agency of the United Nations that targets information and communication technologies sector thus linking the radio spectrum. It also assigns satellite orbits to improve the telecommunication infrastructure in the developing worlds.
The organisation is widely involved in improving broadband Internet, wireless technologies, satellite-based meteorology, convergence in fixed-mobile phone, data, voice, Internet access TV broadcasting and next-generation networks.

Nexpedience is a broadband technology firm that has its roots across the globe and 70 networks with more than 20.000 Base Transceiver Station (BTS), and Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) installed.

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