Interesting facts from Kenya mobile market – InMobi research

Inmobi has released a research showing the Kenyan mobile Web and telecommunication trends.


The research revealed that in most of the categories including news, social media, entertainment, games, classifieds and sports are all dominated by male users on the mobile Web. The only category that women have taken the lead by 32 percent compared to men’s 23 percent is shopping.

This shows that for products targeting kenyan women, advertisement on the Web could produce better results.

Subscription prices
The report also covered what subscribers find to be unreasonable in the mobile telecom field. Twenty-three percent felt that the mobile subscription prices on calls to be high. The next 16 percent feel like there isn’t much data coverage where they are.

Thirteen percent expressed their reservation with the quality of customer care service they receive while 8 percent are wary of hidden charges they accrue on engaging mobile phone firms. Voice coverage and dropped calls occupy 3 percent and 2 percent respectively. This puts confidence in the four mobile operators, including Safaricom, Airtel, Orange and Yu, whose reception complains are fewer.

Number portability
According to numbers released by the Communication Commission of Kenya for the period January to March 2012, number portability is not on the rise with only little over 6,000 switches made.

Inmobi findings show that 34 percent of users are happy with their service providers with 18 percent actively looking to switch. An estimated 48 percent is open to switching their service providers. This is a huge number but does not reflect on the current CCK numbers.

Music and social apps are the most used service used by mobile subscribers when it comes to downloading media. Music is pegged at 56 percent while social apps are billed at 38 percent. Other are: Videos 30 percent, ringtones and wallpapers 28 percent, app from app stores 24 percent, games and cartoons at 20 percent and news at 20 percent.

The research was done in collaboration with Decision Fuel, a research firm.

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