Oracle to appeal court ruling made in favour of HP

Having lost the ongoing litigation regarding providing its software on HP’s Itanium servers last week, Oracle has released a statement saying that it will appeal the court’s ruling.

The Superior Court of the State of California, Santa Clara County, last week had ruled that Oracle and HP do have a contract that the software company must honour and is now required to port its software to Itanium-based servers.
Deborah Hellinger representing Oracle said that last March, Oracle made an engineering decision to stop future software development on the Itanium chip.

“We made the decision as we became convinced that Itanium was approaching its end of life and we explained our rationale to customers here,” she said.
Hellinger continued: “Nothing in the Court’s preliminary opinion changes that fact. We know that Oracle did not give up its fundamental right to make platform engineering decisions in the 27 words HP cites from the settlement of an unrelated employment agreement. HP’s argument turns the concept of Silicon Valley ‘partnerships’ upside down.”
She further stated the company’s intention which is to appeal the Court’s ruling “while fully litigating our cross claims that HP misled both its partners and customers”.
This latest move by Oracle will surely drag this battle on for longer and it remains to be seen how it will affect the two technology companies’ relationship going forward.
It will also be interesting to see how it affects Silicon Valley “partnerships” as Hellinger mentions.

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