SkyVision gets VSAT operator Afinis to its side

SkyVision, a global provider of IP (internet protocol) with an Internet backbone of more than 10 satellites and high capability fibre optic cable through its gateways globally has announced that it has acquired a network provider Afinis, a connectivity solutions company owned by Monaco Telecom, a branch of Cable & Wireless Communication (CWC) in francophone Africa.

SkyVision’s new acquisition, valued at US$3.3 million, brings valuable resources to the company set to benefit its existing as well as potential customer base.

It provides connectivity solutions and specializes in direct sales to businesses such as energy, mining, finance international institutions as well as telecommunications companies.

Afinis, who have leadership, managerial skills’, presence, as well as deep understanding for the business market in francophone, will now hand over its offices and licensing held in Burkina Faso, Guinea and Senegal to SkyVision.

Sky Vision’s chief executive Ben Sira said the acquisition of the company supports the company’s goal of being one of the largest satellite operators in emerging markets offering pan-African coverage and presence.

Denis Martin of CWC Monaco added that SkyVision has built a good reputation for satellite communication in Africa and that their customers in Afinis stand to benefit in the combined effort which will bring about increased scale and strong customer service.

Afinis is a part of a wireless communications group that operates eight regional offices in Africa and other parts of the world. It was created through the combination of two African telecoms namely Divona & Connecteo, which are owned and operated by Monaco Telecom.

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