Cell C unveils Mobile phone handset promotion

South African mobile phone service provider Cell C has unveiled a new contract promotion joining Vodacom and 8ta in the promotional offer rows aimed at outdoing each other.

The promotional offer allows customers to have a new handset after 12 months for duration of one to four years.
Commenting on the new offer, Cell C CEO Alan Knott-Craig said the promotional offer will be good to customers, as they will have new handsets at the beginning of every contractual 12-month period and reduced service rates.
He further said that contract terms are flexible and if one chooses a 4-year contract and decides to pull out after one, two or three years, then there will be no penalty .
Each contract will have monthly airtime for data, short messaging service (SMS) and multimedia message services (MMS) at a reduced rate while voice calls would cost 99 cents per minute. This is the only promotion that is above all and special, Craig explained.
According to the company, prepaid and post-paid customers will benefit depending on the contracts, which include Monica, Erica, Jessica, Tumi and Sandra.
R 149(US$18.31) will be the monthly subscription for Monica, one gets Galaxy PRONokia or 300 Samsung pocket cellphone while R199(US$ 24.45)for Erica as Nokia Asha302 and Nokia Asha 303 are up for grab.
Jessica monthly subscription is R 299 (36.74),Tumi R 349 (US$42.88) and Sandra R599 (US$73.60).
One will get Nokia 610 Blackberry, Blackberry 9300/ Blackberry 9320, Blackberry 9360/Blackberry 9380 and lastly iPhone 16GB, 4S Samsung A/S3 Blackberry 9900.
Experts expect MTN telecommunication service to join the row. In less than one week, the battle for promotional offers in South African mobile industry has intensified.
Yesterday, 8ta introduced bonus airtime to subscribers after recharging, least amount retailing at R10 (US$ 1.23) with 20 percent bonus. The more the subscribers recharge, the freer the airtime.
For 30 and 50 percent will cost, R29 (US$3.56) then R30 (US$3.69) and R49 (US$6.02)
8ta customers reloading with R R50 (US$ 6.14) and above will get 100 percent bonus airtime.
Earlier on, Vodacom introduced free talk time to subscribers who recharge credit of more than R29 (US$6.14) until midnight, while an extra hour from 12 to 5 am for night shift for seven days.
The Cell C contract promotion offer will run between August 17 and November 17, 2012.

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