Innovative youth in Africa to take home $75,000 Anzisha Prize

The 2012 Anzisha Prize is scheduled for August 29 at the African Leadership Academy (ALA) in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The Anzisha Prize was set up by ALA’s Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership and The MasterCard Foundation. The partnership aims to develop entrepreneurial leadership across the continent. This is the second year the award is held.
The Anzisha Prize is to award innovative youth who have helped shape their communities with their entrepreneurial solutions, says ALA.
The prize will see 15 participants from Africa head to South Africa on an all-expense at the African Leadership Academy. The youth will participate in a weeklong entrepreneurship workshop after which the grand prize of $75,000 would be shared among the finalists.
The prize is open to youth aged between 15 and 20 years with projects in science and tech, civil society projects, sports ,arts and culture.
The youths who were in groups are represented by the group’s initiator as their lead and will participate and take home to the group the award, in case they feature among the finalists.
The projects will be judged on the impact they demonstrate, problem they try to solve, and if they can be replicated to other communities.
The applications were handed in May 2012 and were successful projects notified in July. A full list of the finalists and judges will be out on August 20, according to ALA.
After the week marked by entrepreneurial training, the finalists will become Anzisha Fellows and will “continue standing for innovation and entrepreneurship in Africa.”

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