Rwanda included in ITU’s broadband share

Rwanda is listed among six other African nations set to benefit from global wireless broadband infrastructure base station, according to International Telecommunication Commission (ITU).

Nexpedience, one of the world’s leading suppliers of property point-to-multipoint broadband infrastructure, is partnering with ITU to bring broadband access worth US$1 million to Africa.

ITU’s network project aims to develop wireless broadband connectivity that will provide either free or low-cost digital access to schools, hospitals, and under saved populations in rural and remote areas in Africa.

The wireless broadband, which has had Rwanda lay 2500-kilometre of fibre-optic cable, is not only designed with base stations purposely for rural development but also a sector coverage of 32 kilometre alongside the ability to resist extreme meteorological conditions.

ITU’s project will back up and improve internet access and affordability in the already existing broadband infrastructure, by Broadband Systems Corporation, (BSC), a service provider managing a national fibre optic internet data centre in the country.

This agreement will also have Nexpedience provide 180 new base stations to be positioned in six nations across Africa, the first African nation being, Burundi with other set ups also planned for Burkina Faso, Djibouti, Mali, Rwanda, and Swaziland.

Director of ITU’s telecommunication development bureau Brahima Sanou said the move will increase broadband uptake across Africa bringing the power of high-speed connectivity to users everywhere.

He added that the partnership represents yet another important element in their company’s efforts to bring broadband technology to not only the poorest nations but the world.

The wireless broadband connection is currently in use where single users are paying US$33 while multiple users pay US$49.

A report drafted by ITU indicated that affordability of broadband services was a major obstacle in Africa where fixed broadband access was cost three times the monthly capita income averagely.

Kiriako Vergos CEO of Nexpedience said the provision of broadband services to unprivileged populations is of great importance to their company adding that there are enormous benefits that result from “a broadband seed”.

Nexpidience, which was previously branded Expidience, is a world leading broadband supplier with 70 networks and is based in 5 continents.

ITU, previously the International Telegraph Union, is a UN agency that coordinates the shared radio spectrum, assigns satellites, orbits, and works to set up global standards and improve telecommunications infrastructure in the developing world.

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