New iOS to be released without YouTube app

Apple has removed the YouTube app in the iOS 6 beta 4. The iOS 6 set to be released next month will be the first one to remove the app which has been on the iPhone since its launch in 2007, says 9to5 mac.

The YouTube app in the iPhone was developed by Apple whose license it says expired. 9t05mac later confirmed that Google is working on its own YouTube app for iPhone users.

Reports by Cellular News indicate the lack of the YouTube app in the iOS 6 received negative reception from the developer forums making Apple to release a subsequent statement.

iPhone users will now use the Safari browser to watch YouTube videos even without the YouTube app but as Google works on its own replacement app.

Google replacement YouTube app will help the firm gain control over the app and can embed adverts into it though Apple has to approve the app after its development.

MarketWatch also comes in with its own report that states iPhone’s YouTube app has some compromises as it doesn’t run ads, and that some YouTube content isn’t available on it — most music videos for instance.

iPhone users starting this fall will have to use the Google-sanctioned versions, like Google’s 2010 HTML Web app, Google powered Vevo app.

YouTube wants to take control of all its apps. YouTube [has] decided they didn’t want third parties building apps. Their strategy has changed. They want to control their destiny more, according to the MarketWatch report.

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