Nigeria’s Beta Computers to supply students with affordable laptops

Beta Computer has signed a partnership with the Federal Government of Nigeria to distribute affordable computers to students through a student ownership scheme.

The student ownership scheme is expected to start in the last quarter of this year. The scheme, according to Minister of Communications Technology, Omobola Johnson, will ensure affordable laptops are distributed to students in tertiary institutions at affordable prices with the payment done in a flexible manner.
The Public Private Partnership between the FG and Beta Computers will see locally manufactured Beta Computers and content distributed to the students in tertiary institutions at affordable prices subsidised by the government.
This comes at a time when the Federal Government has pledged to promote local manufacturers.

Omobola has been working to revive the country’s domestic computer market and on Friday visited the Speedstar plant that manufactures the Beta Computers Limited where he disclosed the partnership.
Nigeria has been working to reduce the digital divide in the country by promoting broadband connectivity and putting its energy in support of the local ICT industry.
The deal, according to the minister, will see the two increase the manufacture and distribution of Beta Computers to the governments institution’s.
Will Anyaegbunam, the Managing Director, Beta Computers, told consumers in Nigeria to avoid lack of enthusiasm towards locally made ICT products told the Punch in Nigeria,

“We have the capacity to do that with our high quality Speedstar range of computers,” Anyaegbunam said.
There is no difference between foreign PCs and indigenous ones as, “all the laptops contain the same Intel processors, motherboards and the chassis from the same top ODMs (Original Design Manufacturers) in Asia, Anyaegbunam told the Punch.
The FG government has been stern on promoting locally manufactured ICT products. It was earlier reported that Nigeria allegedly banned foreign produced ICT products and a fraction of buyers in Nigeria also came out complaining on quality which has been met by Beta Computers.
He stressed that Beta’s PC products meet high standards in performance, durability and functionality and can be used at home or the office.
The Nigerian government is still committed to buying Nigerian ICT products and urges international manufacturers to set plants in the country. To enhance jobs, growth in the sector and affordability.
Beta Computers was launched in 1989 and produces both hardware and software with partnership with top tech and software firms like IBM, HP Intel, Sage, Microsoft and Cisco.

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