Internet Solutions’ perceives Africa’s future Internet connectivity

Several African countries have called for the Internetix meeting, an annual meeting hosted by South Africa-based Internet firm the Internet Solutions (IS).

This is expected to explore pressing Internet connectivity issues. African countries differ in terms of digital innovation with most still in the limited phase compared to countries like China, Japan and Russia, according to a study.

The Internetix meeting, it is hoped, could bridge the digital divide. IS focuses on updating the South African business and SME market by offering information topical to the ICT industry. It provides labs to mentor and offers free technology to small start-ups. It also connects people with venture capital community.

Brian Pinnok, Head of Innovation and Products at IS said, there are other ways to which the labs can be utilized and they are looking into the matter.

Pinnnok said the art of innovation is understanding its complexness having learnt that innovation is linked with product development, reports by IT News Africa.

He added that for products to be well developed, developers should first ask themselves if it is possible to produce, and secondly ensure they are strategically positioned for the market of the products adding that to get good innovation, developers need to fit the back-end and the front-end.

If terrestrial fibre could be installed all over, despite its expense, it would really do well in Africa, he said.

Pinnnok expects Africa’s internet and connectivity to grow gradually, as well as witness a major increase in connectivity speeds and better ways of the development.

Internet solutions is a south African is an IP-based communication service provider founded in 1993. Owned by Dimension Data, it provides services in Kenya, Mozambique, Uganda, Mauritius, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana, and Angola.

The company has a 7000-square meter data centre space in South Africa and smaller ones in East and West of Africa as well as in Europe.

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