Weekends or weekdays, when does Africa browse most?

Mobile Web has taken over the lives of people across the world. If not by chance, most people will mostly browse during the weekends than weekdays. This, however, according to Opera mobile is not an easy logic. Some countries will record lesser unique users and others more page views while others will transfer more or less data.

According to a February Opera State of the mobile web report, Egypt, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana make up the top five countries with the largest mobile penetration per capita in Africa.

Unique users, page views and data transfer are the three factors that determine browsing.

Worth highlighting is that most African countries have a positive change over the weekend as compared to world countries when it comes to unique users.

In the top 20 with more unique users over the weekend from Africa include, Egypt (7.6 percent), Ghana (4.5 percent), Ethiopia (3.5 percent), Tanzania (2.6 percent), Nigeria (1.2 percent), South Africa (0.4 percent) and Kenya (0.4 percent).

Egypt is the only country among the top five that has a high change over the weekend of 7.6 percent. Countries such as Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria have less than 1.5 percent unique users over the weekends..

On the other hand, Egypt (7.5 percent) and Tanzania (7.2 percent) record the biggest gains in page views on weekend days while Kenya (-0.8 percent) and South Africa (-2.1 percent) record the biggest drops.

Ghana, Egypt, Kenya and Nigeria record the highest increase in data transferred over the weekends. This indicates users are probably browsing larger and richer pages as they have more time over the weekends.

“The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow,” Bill Gates was once quoted saying.

African Countries are exhibiting the highest growth in mobile Web browsing with only few regions in the world comparing to that. Internet and mobile browsing is a new thing, which might explain the passion with which Africans are browsing.

As for most developed countries, people will almost evenly distribute their time across numerous social activities. Over the weekends, there’s more to do: clubbing, picnicking or just plain hanging out, away from the ‘crazy’ Net.

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