Malawi’s government unveils two information sites

The Government of Malawi yesterday launched two websites namely, the Central Office of Information (COI) and the Malawi News Agency (MANA), at the Sagecoa Golden Peacock Hotel in the country’s capital Lilongwe.

Minister for Information and Civic Education, Moses Kunkuyu, said the purpose of introducing the information websites is to ensure the entire nation, and the world, can access authentic information about the country.
According to a report by the ministry, the Central Office of Information (COI) website, Information.gov.mw, will serve as the centre of Malawi’s government information and communication services.
The government hopes the website will facilitate free flow of information and communication as well as link the government to the citizens.
“The ministry for communication is in its final stages of making sure the COI becomes the information centre for the Government, I will provide a platform for the entire Malawi Government organizations to communicate and inform the nation and the world about the policies and programmes that the Government is implementing,” Kunkuyu commented.
The government ICT policy aims to make education, health, education and government operations digital to offer faster and efficient services that will lead to progress in the socio-economic status of the nation.
Kunkuyu further encouraged Malawians to make maximum use of the sites as a new device that allows people from diverse background to share information that would lead to democracy and good governance
MANA site has been the government’s mouthpiece in news gathering and dissemination in the entire 26 districts in the country.
MANA website is now active. COI will go online later.

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