Simfy music streaming service plunges into South African market

In an estimated 12 days, South Africans will be able to plug into a new music streaming service known as Simfy.

The service will be free to use for the next two weeks although a payable subscription will be required at an amount the company has not disclosed yet.

Simfy, a clone of the worldwide known music service, Spotify, is a German company that has expanded its service in various parts of the world including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and recently South Africa.

Music streaming is still a new concept in Africa though this has not hindered developers from coming up with their own services.

Music streaming services would definitely help in the distribution of music in Africa, where piracy has tarnished hard copy sales of music albums.

Nigeria, Ghana and Uganda have indigenous music streaming services. In Nigeria, Iroking is hailed as the country’s music streaming leader.

Earlier this year, five Ugandan developers came up with a new music streaming service know as Zikify. In Ghana Streemio is making waves by connecting users with their favourite music and which is about to officially launch soon.

Simfy will offer functionalities, some of which are similar to Spotify. This includes having mobile apps and desktop clients, offline mode which enables you to listen to music when not connected to the Internet.

The company says it has over 18 million songs in its library. The company started in 2010 and has been rapidly expanding from then on.

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