HP South Africa claims virtualisation aids innovation

HP South Africa recently announced new virtualisation software solutions that it hopes will simplify, automate and secure the movement of virtual machines (VMs) and data in cloud environments.

The product will provide HP’s customers increased agility for addressing dynamic market opportunities.
Moving Virtual Machines (VMs) in legacy infrastructures such as a Microsoft Exchange application workload, between data centres usually requires hundreds of complex, manual device-level configuration steps.
The mobility of data is also a challenge as storage requires a physical deployment that consumes floor space, power, cooling and infrastructure investment, which locks clients into a proprietary environment.
According to Graham Vorster, Country Manager Networking HP South Africa, the new HP Converged Infrastructure solutions’ help to eliminate these issues by delivering increased agility and simplicity.
“Clients are seeking a more flexible virtualised environment that enables mobility of virtual machines and data services across the enterprise,” Vorster said.
He adds that HP’s unique virtualisation technologies meet that need, helping clients to significantly increase their agility at a pace their organisations demand.
The Converged Infrastructure solutions comprises:

*HP Ethernet Virtual Interconnect (EVI) is the industry’s first solution (1) to simplify and speed the interconnectivity of up to eight geographically dispersed data centres in minutes, eliminating manual configuration tasks.

*HP Multitenant Device Context (MDC) software delivers increased security for multitenant cloud applications, eliminating the comingling of data from different applications or departments. This reduces costs and equipment, and ultimately simplifies network operations.

*HP StoreVirtual virtual storage appliance (VSA) increases flexibility by allowing clients to build storage pools on any x86-server using VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisors. As a result, clients can move data across heterogeneous servers, hypervisors and data centre locations to meet organisational needs, while reducing overall cost and complexity.

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