Android is still king of smartphone operating systems

A report released Wednesday by IDC indicates that more Android phones were shipped during this year’s second quarter than iPhones, a proof that Android OS continues to extend dominance over other smartphone operating systems worldwide.

Android and iOS powered nearly 85 percent of the smartphones shipped between April and June this year.

Android, according to the IDC report, is more than three-thirds ahead of the pack for having many manufacturers using it — including Samsung, HTC Corp. and Google’s Motorola Mobility.

The report further claims there were four Androids for every iPhone, a 2.5 to 1 ratio compared to the same period in 2011.

An estimated 105 million Android smartphones were shipped during the April/June quarter led by Samsung Electronics and other manufacturers trailing behind.

The over 100 million pieces gave Android a 68 percent edge over the entire worldwide smartphone market, up from 47 percent in 2011.

Samsung shipped an estimated 50.2 million smartphones in the quarter, while Apple shipped close to 26 million iPhones. The 50.2 million smartphones offered Samsung a 44 percent total, of all Android phones shipped in the quarter beating the total number of phones shipped by seven other Android phone makers.

In the second quarter, worldwide smartphone shipments reached 154 million, a 42 percent growth. Both Android and Apple took 85 percent of the entire smartphone market, 66 percent higher than in 2011.

Kevin Restivo, a senior research analyst at IDC, in a statement said the mobile OS market is now predominantly an Android and iOS race.

The iOS run iPhone market share dropped by 2 percent to 17 percent and was the second smartphone market leader behind Samsung. Apple however dominates the tablet market with its iPad.

Other players in the phone market include RIM’s BlackBerry and Nokia’s Symbian phones whose market share dropped to below 5 percent and Windows, as number five, with a growing market share from 2.3 percent to 3.5 percent tied to its uptake by Nokia.

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