Nevahold, a Ghanaian app makes it to Webit Congress finals

Every trying to reach any customer care representative for any brand? Then you would know how frustrating it is sometimes. One startup in Ghana helps to ease the frustration and their product has propelled then to the finals of the Webit Congress.

NevaHold, rides on the idea of smoothness of the process of getting help from customer care branches of different companies. The norm is that you would have to be put on hold until the next customer care representative is free to handle your calls.

NeveHold provides a portal on the Web and mobile platform for users to relay their complaints through email. The app later relays the message to the company or brand through email, phone and social media. If the company doesn’t get back to the user in time, the app sends out tweets about the bad ratings the brand has.

NevaHold has propelled the developers to the finals of The Webit Congress scheduled for October 10 and 11 in Istanbul, Turkey.

Plamen Russev, Founder of Webit Congress commended the finalists saying, “On behalf of the whole Webit team, I would like thank all amazing participants in 2012 Webit StartUp Challnge. We’re looking forward to welcoming you in 2013 and wish you good luck with all your future endeavours.”

The Webit Startup Challenge was aimed in identifying promising startups from the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) regions. Twenty-one finalists will be invited to attend the congress, and will be acknowledged for their innovative products.

“Our goal is to promote and grow the entrepreneurial spirit throughout the whole EMEA region. This is the reason for me to finance the StartUp Challenge initiative and awards. The fair play, business creativity and success are endorsed by us,” Plamen said.

TechCrunch reports that the site already has quite a number of users and has sparked interest from companies such as Delta Airlines and Dell.

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