Government agencies in Nigeria summoned to look into data theft

Data security training organised by Resourcery and Check Point Software for IT managers in Abuja, Nigeria this week served to look up for solutions that could counter high rise in the unauthorised access of data in the government agencies.

Ten government agencies, including the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and the Galaxy Backbone, attended the training.

The agencies cannot continue having their data compromised by sources within or outside, according to a statement released this week.

The focus of the program was to inform the managers on the significance of sensitive data protection and provide defense mechanisms to the current physical security challenges.

Bisike Uba Business Solution Manager of Resourcery Plc said their task as an organisation is to provide a universally proven problem solving solution.

In the era of smartphone’s and other technological devices all over the place, he added, there is the need for IT managers in government agencies to be in a position to access and filter what information is available to who or certain cadres of employees.

Rommy Okonkwo, Check Point Sales Manager Nigeria and West Africa, cited a research carried out by Checkpoint that found mobile devices connecting to the corporate network doubled in a spurn of two years with nearly a half of the devices used for saving sensitive data.

Okonkwo commented that 71 percent of businesses believe that mobile devices cause significant data loss, such as corporate email, customer data and network login credentials incidents.

Uba further advised that administrations need to ensure employees and visitors alike are prohibited from bringing in media devices like flash drives or hard drives to copy confidential information from systems without following official procedures.

He added that agencies like banks, petroleum corporations, computer service providers and the likes cannot afford to encounter such security challenges and that the only way to prevent the crime from happening was by training workers on data protection.

Check Point was founded in 1993 which offer internet security, provide protection against cyber threats, reduces security complexness and reduces total cost of ownership, they have a total of 2200 employees with their international headquarter in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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