Gaming in Africa growing with Kuluya landing $250K funding

In a span of a few months, we have seen Africans taking gaming seriously. Whether is on mobile or on the desktop or even on consoles. Nigeria’s Kuluya is the latest entry to the gaming world in Africa.

Kuluya has reportedly received US$250,000, from a series of western investors, to expand its gaming prowess across Africa.

Kuluya is one of the latest gaming businesses to launch in Africa. Maliyo games based in the same country also launched a few months ago and are taking the gaming scene by a storm.

It is unclear what statistics hold for the gaming industry in Africa but speculations is that most people get easy access to foreign games, due to lack of gaming companies in Africa. But this is about to change.

In July this year, Afroes, a South African mobile gaming company, launched its first local mobile game for the Kenyan market.

Hakii an environment awareness mobile game became the debut entry of Afroes in Kenya. Nathan Masyuko created the game and holds that the gaming scene is ready for bigger expansion.

“There is indeed demand for authentic mobile games evidenced by the increasing amounts of downloads on app stores and the success of authentic games such as M3 racer,” he told HumanIPO.

The team of Kuluya hopes to take over the African gaming scene by releases over 100 games they have compiled. Their games are based on African narratives and backgrounds, bringing a breath of fresh air for the sector.

International gaming companies like Zynga have been known for creating millions by trading on game creation and sale.

Kuluya has not launched officially but you can sign up to get updates on their progress, plus you can play Monkey Run from your browser and stand a chance to win a Blackberry Curve 9360, if you finish the game.

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