Ban adult sites, activists urge Senegalese authorities

The African Association for the Defence of Children’s Rights has called for the banning of access to pornographic websites in Senegal following reports that the sites are fast taking over the country’s cyberspace.

African Association for the Defence of Children’s Rights’ president Massamba Mbaye in a statement said the association is adamant that the regulatory authorities in the country should enforce a law that blocks access to the adult sites.

These sites “must be shut down” and should not be allowed, Mbaye said.

The president said exposure to the sites is in violation to the country’s laws and regulations and that the perpetrators have to be punished.

The association is also currently on course a sensitisation initiative aimed at educating the people on the hazards related to exposure to the pornographic sites.

The association has also said it is at the moment circulating a petition calling for the country’s government to block access to the sites. It also plans to visit a number of religious and opinion leaders in its countrywide campaign to advocate for the ban of the sites.

In June, another non-governmental organization Association of Peace Ambassadors pleaded for the closure of the sites and the ban of certain TV programs on national television.

The issue has sparked a countrywide controversy although as it turns out, reports AllAfrica.com, the authorities have not issued a statement following the contested sites.

None of the sites is hosted in Senegal.

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