NClose and Accellion partner to offer mobile file storage security

South African online security firm NClose has partnered with Accellion to offer more data protection, storage and file across a range of mobile devices.

Cloud storage, file sharing and collaboration are becoming the norm with more players becoming bolder in offering the service to consumers.

The issue of file safety and the general online safety environment is a growing concern for those using these services. There have been security breaches on major websites including LinkedIn and even DropBox in the recent past.

“Many instances of security breaches in consumer-grade cloud services have been documented. For instance, all 25 million user drives in Dropbox were accessible – without passwords – for a period of just under three hours last year,” NClose highlighted.

With this changing security environment and the demand for a safer cloud service, NClose has sought a partnership with Accellion to offer mobile security for file sharing service and storage of documents.

The company said: “Nclose has recently started offering Accellion Mobile File Sharing solutions. It is aimed at securing enterprise file sharing and synchronization, bringing the benefits of enterprise file sharing and storage to corporate environments.”

Martin Potgieter, Nclose’s director, said his company is pleased to offer its customers a secure way to share files on the mobile platform.

He also commented that mobile file sharing is a good innovation but companies must be careful when using the services given the security risks.

Accellion offers mobile file sharing solutions and has more than 10 million users globally. The company also hosts 1600 of the world’s leading corporation and government agencies to protect their documents. Their solutions can be deployed on public or private and hybrid clouds.

Paul Steiner, managing director for Accellion, said working with Nclose in South Africa will offer valuable IT security expertise to Accellion’s customers and help drive Accellion’s continued growth and expansion into this exciting new market.

In July, Nclose partnered with South Africa’s CheckPoint to enhance data security by employing encryption on company computers and laptops.

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