Ethiopia to upgrade meteorological information system

Ethiopia is set to put up a new and modern meteorological information system to support the social and economic transformation in the country.

The information system will have a record of the country’s climatic conditions for reference by the country’s meteorologists, farmers, aviation experts and health and energy.

According to the agency, the climate information will help improve agriculture, aviation, water, health and energy as will help take precautionary measures or be used for weather forecast.

Fetene Teshome, Director General of the Ethiopian Meteorological Agency said the agency is also improving climate information quality from the current 93 percent.

EMA is upgrading its 36 level four stations to level three. The agency will also install eight communication radios and refurbish 20 major stations. One station to detect pollution will also be installed.

Teshome said the agency’s modern climate forecasting methods will help predict weather conditions and warn of approaching natural disasters to enable the agency respond to them.

Teshome told the Ethiopian News Agency that EMA will also launch various research activities in the coming financial year. The agency will set up projects to help it monitor pollution in the country and expects to reduce it by 50 percent.

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