Nigerian Internet speed tops

Nigeria’s Internet is fastest in Africa, according to a report by Akamai Technologies Global Internet Platform, global technology research leader.

The findings, that surveyed four African nations with greatest Internet speeds, found Nigeria’s Internet is as faster than that of South Africa. In the report — for the first quarter of 2012 — Nigeria had an average 322Kbps, peak 5674Kbps, with South Africa having an average of 496Kbps, and a peak of 2172kbps.

The report further stated that all mobile providers had average peak connection speeds above 2Mbps, though last place South African provider, ZA-1 was a little above the limit, losing over 13 per cent from the previous quarter, at 2.2Mbps.

In the fourth quarter report drafted in 2011,out of two countries, South Africa was the only one listed in the report with an average peak connection speed below 2Mbps. They had an average of 442Kbps over Nigeria’s 286Kbps. However, Nigeria out-did them with peak 4871Kbps and average 462Mbps per month over South Africa’s 1654Kbps and 197Mbps.

Nigeria topped the African monthly average megabit used by African countries, with Egypt having an average of 539Kbps but a poor 3413Kbps peak and 123 average Mbps per month.

Morocco had an average of 1125Kbps, 7949Kbps peak and a dismal of 246Mbps per month.

The 117 countries worldwide that qualified for the listing saw average connection speeds increase quarterly with additions ranging from 0.2 percent in Montegro (to 2.8 mbps) to 75 per cent in Libya (to 0.5 mbps).

Headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusettes in the United States, Akamai Technologies,”akamai” meaning smart or intelligent in the Hawaiian language, is an Internet content delivery network founded in 1998.

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