Tourism Radio makes its way into Angola

Hummba, a product from South African company, Tourism Radio is making in ways into Angola by releasing audio guides for the country’s capital Luanda.

The entry of audio guides in Angola is in collaboration with the luxury travel company, Abercrombie & Kent (A&K). A&K is one of the world’s prestigious travel guide company having numerous destinations across the globe.

“Previously, the main challenge to operating in Angola was the lack of qualified and English-speaking guides, however we have now found a way to successfully meet this challenge in the short- to mid-term.” Chris Owen-Collett, A&K representative, and Vice President for Worldwide Cruise Operations at Akorn Destination Management said.

Owen-Collet believes that the partnership with Tourism Radio will open up Angola for more tourism opportunities expected to emanate from cruise ship docks.

The majority of liners entering into regional waters stop at Walvis Bay, in Namibia, and Owen-Collett maintains that destinations like the Angolan ports of Luanda and Lobito remain largely unexplored from a tourism standpoint, Tourism Radio said in a statement.

“The uniqueness of our technology is in its ability to seamlessly arrange thousands of audio clips and organise them into a coherent dialogue, based on location. This move into Angola will see Tourism Radio represented in three countries on the West African coast [including South Africa and Namibia].” Tourism Radio CEO Mark Allewell said.

Hummba provides over 100 of guides in various countries in the world including Africa,al though it hasn’t extensively made inroads in most countries in the continent. Their entry in Angola will signal the intent to make the South African company notice more regional cities. It offers these audio guides currently through an iPhone app and Android app.

There are several services around the globe that offer similar services to tourists. HearPlanet is an audio guide service that is only available as an iPhone app.

What would differentiate some of these travel audio guides is the wide reach destination that they have.

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