Etisalat Nigeria uses Oracle solution to accelerate data retrieval and analysis by 99%

Oracle Communications announced on Wednesday that Etisalat Nigeria, a leading Nigerian telecommunications service provider, has deployed and gone live with Oracle Communications Data Model solution.

This will enable Etisalat to analyse growing volumes of diverse data faster hence enabling mobile service providers to make better business decisions.
After implementing the solution, Etisalat Nigeria reduced the time required to aggregate and analyse its data by 99 percent, Oracle reported.

This has resulted in the company being able to now load call detail records in near real-time. It has also since gained improved insight into customer behaviour and their propensity to churn.
Oracle Communications Data Model allows Etisalat Nigeria to analyze data across multiple business areas – including customer, revenue and network management – to react quickly to technological, regulatory and business challenges in both prepaid and postpaid markets.
Ajibola Ajia, IT Specialist, Intelligence, Implementation & Integration, Etisalat Nigeria said: “The Oracle Communications Data Model and Exadata solution has greatly improved our ability to quickly and efficiently retrieve and analyze data from a variety of sources.

“Transactional data is processed in near real-time, taking about 45 minutes to process data for a full day, which is a significant improvement on the eight hours it used to take to process the same data.”
Ajia added that Oracle’s technology has allowed Etisalat to offer customers relevant and personalized services, which they can quickly make available as the project only took eight months to implement.

“We were able to experience benefits much sooner than expected,” she concluded.
With the ability to now make decisions based on near real-time data, Etisalat can take immediate action to prevent customer churn, deliver personalized promotions and identify and address revenue leakage sources.
The solution includes pre-built dashboards and other customized components to jumpstart development and reduce the cost, complexity and risk of data integration. Implemented in just eight months, Oracle Communications Data Model also provides Etisalat Nigeria the flexibility to upgrade systems faster and efficiently as market conditions change.
Bhaskar Gorti, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Communications explained that considering the current data explosion in the telecommunications space, it was critical for Etisalat to implement technologies capable of collecting and getting the most from data in its various markets.

The Oracle Communications Data Model running on Oracle Exadata provides Etisalat with a scalable and flexible solution, ensuring it remains competitive and maintains its position as a leading communications provider in the region.

Oracle Communications Data Model is purpose-built for communications service providers and has been conformance certified with the industry’s TM Forum Information Framework (SID) standard, which fosters interoperability with providers’ systems.
Etisalat Nigeria has deployed Oracle Communications Data Model on Oracle Exadata Database Machine, which offers extreme data warehousing performance with faster upload and query speeds.
The firm also implemented Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g to increase the efficiency of its business operations and gain additional contextual and actionable insight.

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