Samsung Weeks to be hosted across the continent

Samsung continues to expand its presence in Africa and seems determined to participate in a meaningful manner by positively influencing the communities where its consumers live in the many countries where it operates.

In line with this, Samsung Electronics will be hosting a number of Samsung Weeks across Africa. consumers will have the opportunity to engage with the brand and their products and services at an experiential level.

The Korean company also stated that its employees from their Korean headquarters will join local Samsung employees in each country, to volunteer their time in the community as part of the company’s annual Employee Volunteer Programme (EVP).

With the EVP, teams will assist in providing ICT resources and the restoration of community centres, while mentoring school learners and encouraging them to meet their dreams.

George Ferreira, COO and VP of Samsung Electronics Africa explained “We understand that being successful in Africa requires an entrepreneurial attitude and a commitment to help create the market and infrastructure around it, not just enter it.”

“We build products and programmes for Africa’s unique needs, resources and conditions. We build programmes in Africa that draw on the unique strengths and resourcefulness of its people to create new opportunities on the continent. We build services by Africa aimed at the direct involvement of Africans in their own upliftment.” Ferreira said.

In addition to the EVP initiatives, Samsung will also be supporting the consumer community by offering free service and repairs of Samsung products (notebook PCs, cameras and mobile phones) and raising awareness about the dangers of counterfeit products.

Ferreira continued “This is a very exciting initiative for Samsung as the company recently extended its standard factory warranty for customers on products within its Visual Display, IT Solutions, Digital Appliances, Digital Imaging and Digital Air Solutions product lines.

Customers now enjoy a minimum 24 month warranty on all Samsung products, purchased from the 1st of May 2012, at no extra charge and this Free Service Campaign allows us to continue to demonstrate this commitment.”

Samsung Week will take place in with the first one in Zambia between the 26th August and 1st September 2012.

Additionally, it will be rolled out across Africa into Cameroon, Senegal, Tanzania, the DRC, Ethiopia and Uganda in the upcoming months.

”Samsung is listening to the market, building partnerships and really committing to Africa and its people and Samsung Week, along with our EVP programme and Free Service Campaign, is just one example of how we achieve this,” concludes Ferreira.

Samsung Week is aimed and dedicated to social development, entertainment and technology innovation.

HumanIPO will be reporting from Zambia to bring you coverage of Samsung Week in the country from the 29th to the 31 of August 2012.

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