TechTrust ships more Apple products in Nigeria

TechTrust Integrated Services Limited is expanding its gadget stock by incorporating large shipment of Apple products in Nigeria.

The products include Apple iPad, iPods, iMacs and many other products. It is not yet clear if the company will also stock iPhones.

Silvanus Adesina Managing Director of TechTrust said, through Business Day Online, that the vision of the firm has always been to be the preferred vendor of ICT products, that facilitate efficiency in the work place as well as improve the quality of life of people.

Apple products are becoming more common in Africa especially the iPad. More professionals are finding it easy to work with the gadget.

Early this month, PingDom reported that in Africa, Apple’s operating system was dominating the tablet market at 78.1 percent market share while the Android OS got 21.2 percent of the market share.

Analysts argue that this might change slightly with the introduction of Huawei tablets across the continent including the Huawei Media Pad launched in Kenya just a few weeks ago.

The inevitable introduction of the iPad Mini in the market is also geared towards more affordable tablets from the Apple Company.

According to Silvanus Adesina, given the rapid growth of ICT in Africa, the company will aim to position itself between the products and the consumers and in return help in advancing the quality of their life and work.

The managing director gave reasons to why the company was embracing more Apple products. He cited the growing competition in the field as one of the reason to diversify. The company had to deliberately build its brand and revise its business model.

Adesina added that apple products offer best quality in ICT hardware and operating systems with high performance and design excellence.

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