Telecom and NewTelco join forces to connect Namibia to West African cable system

Four international Points of Presence (PoPs) will be connected to the West Africa Cable System (WACS) following a recent partnership between Telecom Namibia and NewTelco South Africa, which is represented by Jasco Co-location Solutions.

Namibia, which previously relied on routing traffic through South Africa, will benefit from the partnership agreement part of which includes Telecom Namibia making use of NewTelco’s existing infrastructure until dedicated infrastructure is built.

Business development manager for Jasco Co-location Solutions, Eckart Zollner said Telecom Namibia needed space and management from a data centre. He added that through their relationship with NewTelco GmbH, they are strategically positioned to execute Telecom Namibia’s demands.

It is also a breakthrough for Namibia’s Internet connectivity, he added.

Telecom Namibia says the joint venture will enable cheaper, more direct interconnections with other telecom providers worldwide, without having to route through South Africa-meaning faster Internet connectivity as well as customer service.

Telecom Namibia’s senior manager for corporate communications and public relations said Jasco Co-location Solutions met all their criteria’s and delivered the first phase of revolution in Namibia’s telecommunication.

Additional PoPs and the extension of national infrastructure, will enable them to further extend services and access new technologies such as Voice over IP and cloud services, she explained adding that since NewTelco is a carrier co-location centre as well as a provider, it means that every point of presence location implies hundreds of global carriers present.

Telecom Namibia is now in a position to interconnect with their pick of carriers which will ensure best pricing and service levels which can be passed to their customers.

PoPs, located in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Frankfurt and London, will be designed, procured and built by NewTelco for special use by Telecom Namibia.

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