YouTube extends advertising on mobile devices

YouTube is increasing its video advertising on mobile devices. The Google-owned firm is moving away from the normal ad formats it has had on mobile devices and launching a new mobile video streaming service called TrueView.

The firm says TrueView will allow users to skip ads that do not interest them “after just five seconds”hence giving them choice over which ads they view. This, according to the firm, will engage the viewers more as well as lead to better viewing experience for the mobile users.

The advertisers will then only pay when viewers continue watching ads after five seconds.
The TrueView video ads on mobile devices are easier to create and manage and good for multi-screen campaigns, says YouTube.
The company expects the app will generate additional reach aside from enabling the mobile advertisers to reach out to the preferred markets.
An earlier report on Forbes shows how video is increasingly influencing consumers’ purchasing power. The report takes into account IDC forecast that by 2016 there will be over 1.6 billion smartphone shipments from nearly 500 million in 2011 showing an increasing trend in the use of the mobile devices.
Following this, an Invodo research found that mobile shoppers are three times more likely to click and view a video than desktop or laptop users and of those that view the video 144 percent are more likely to add the item in a shopping cart while 52 percent say watching the video makes them more confident about their purchasing decisions.
A Comscore report also adds that video on mobile devices is increasingly a catalyst for e-commerce with consumers who watch the video 64 percent more likely to make a purchase.
YouTube’s introduction of TrueView is hence instrumental in enabling the consumers and retailers to rightly pick the ads they watch or identify which ones produce results.

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