Lagos Innovation Hotspots maps out business areas in Nigeria

A startup in Nigeria called Lagos Innovation Hotspots hopes to map out business regions in Lagos, in a bid to show the business side of the city

The Lagos Innovation Hotspots gives information on each cluster of business spread across the city. This information could be useful to those who want to find out what kind of business they can invest in and more importantly, the location to set up shop in.
The project was spearheaded by the Co-creation Hub in Nigeria. The hub offers spaces to developers to enable them come up with digital solutions and products.
“The Google Maps API emerged as the best tool for this initiative because of Google Maps’ extensive coverage of Lagos, Nigeria. As a result, clusters found in any region can be easily mapped and represented on the platform,” Bosun Tijani, the Co-Founder of Co-creation Hub Nigeria, said.
The project is fully backed by the Lagos State Government and the Lagos State Innovation Advisory Council.
The site uses Google Map APIs and Geocoding APIs to capture the business clusters across Lagos.
The project is well supported by the local government in Lagos and more players especially business men can now have a source of information about other businesses and their competitors.
Some of the purposes for the project include assembling a detailed picture of the location of high growth and innovative businesses in Lagos with specific attention to linkages and location based resources that give rise to the clusters.
The site also hopes to provide background information for further research work to help policy makers engage in thoughtful analysis of emerging geographical assets to create comprehensive strategies that are capable of promoting Lagos as the Innovation Hotspot in Africa.
To promote deliberate economic development around Lagos State’s areas of competitive advantage from a thorough understanding of the microeconomic business environment within which companies exist and compete.
The website currently has 168 businesses mapped out on its platform.

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