VoguePay vows to upset online payments in Nigeria

Nigeria-based company Afrisoft Interactive has vowed to disrupt the way online payments are carried out considering that a majority of African countries cannot use international platforms such as PayPal.

Afrisoft Interactive is the developer behind VoguePay, an online payment processor whose vision is to offer buyers and sellers secure and easy-to-use means of transacting businesses online — by allowing site owners to receive payment for their products on the site without any setup fee.

“At VoguePay, we believe that receiving money on a website should be easy enough for anyone to implement, and this explains why we have carefully created several tools to make integration of VoguePay into your site a snap,” Founder of VoguePay, Mr. Leke Ojikutu told Tekedia.com.

VoguePay is now the biggest payment processor in Nigeria with over 2300 registered Merchant base and over 1000 websites linking into it, all within 3 months of its launch.

Ojikutu said that VoguePay was developed out of a business need, which they, as a software company, they had.

“We needed a payment solution that can allow us to sell online real time with suitable payment processor that incorporates multiple credit/debit cards without limiting the merchants. We couldn’t find a worthy platform, so we created one,” he said.

The service enables Nigerian businesses to receive payment direct into their local Nigerian bank account so they do not need to worry about cheques, how to clear them, or foreign conversion rates.

The platform allows the user to: operate one user account for unlimited number of websites, withdraw money from VoguePay wallet to bank accounts, generate free shopping carts for their websites, transfer money to other VoguePay users, create recurrent transfers, operate/manage accounts via SMS, payment to other channels like Interswitch, Mastercard, Visa cards among others.

Nigeria has been identified with many online fraud cases, causing PayPal to ban Nigerians from using their services. VoguePay intends to fill this vacuum by providing local transfers to cater the need.

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