Dropbox working with LAGbook to gain African market

LAGbook, Africa-founded social network with a global user base, is working with Dropbox to draw more subscribers in Africa. The firm is using Dropbox for teams which it says is good for firms as allows collaboration by team members working on a similar project.

LAGbook’s cofounder Chika Nwaogu told HumanIPO that LAGbook is using “Dropbox for Teams,” which allows all LAGbook’s programmers and team members to work on a certain project without having to exchange an updated link to files it’s working on.

Chika says it is simple as all LAGbook’s users have a folder titled “Dropbox.” “We create and save files on the ‘Public’ folder in the ‘Dropbox’ folder, which other team members can access from their computers with an Internet connection,” he said.

He added that LAGbook is working with Dropbox to increase the uptake of Dropbox for teams in Africa as people are unaware of the ability of Dropbox and its endless possibilities.

“It’s not a deal with a direct monetary value on it unlike our partnership with Blackberry Nigeria. It’s a progressive deal, and this is the basic idea behind it. We are to drive traffic to the Dropbox website in Africa. Visitors from our referral link are required to download and install the Dropbox application on their computer,” Chika said.

Once the installation is completed, we get free 500MB space on Dropbox to save and share more files with our team members at LAGbook.

It’s an asset though, since people have to pay to get an additional 500MB at Dropbox, but we’re getting it for every new visitor we direct to Dropbox.

Chika told HumanIPO that LAGbook has now, since since August 15, 2012, over 20GB additional space on Dropbox, as they partner to get Dropbox into every corporate environment in Africa.

He said the storage helped them work effectively on their recently launched “Search Ads”. The team cloud helped others to contribute codes to the project with other programmers working on the project in the know of the progress.

Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi founded Dropbox in 2007. It is a cloud service that lets users store and share photos, docs, and videos remotely.

Drobox says it has more than 50 million people across every continent who rely on the service.

It’s partnership with LAGbook could be due to the increasing proliferation of cloud storage and sync services by top firms like Google, Apple, Microsoft and their concentration away from Africa though Google’s Drive drives on Google’s multiplicity of services like Search and Gmail used by over 450 million people.

Dropbox emerged as the most used freelancer tool beating Gmail and other services.

LAGbook users hit over 300,000 last week.

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