Finally, Presentation 2GO is launched in Kenya

Software solutions leader Technology Partners Limited in partnership with Netherlands-based University Wellington today unveiled a solution that captures presentations and lectures on video brand-marked Presentation 2go in Kenya’s capital Nairobi.

Presentation 2GO is targeted at boosting the e-learning system in the Kenya’s education system. It will also help boost media coverage of corporate companies during meetings. Political rallies will also benefit from the software.
The software offers live streaming and capturing of video or audio data by connecting any video VGA source, conferencing endpoint, electronic whiteboard and document camera or windows presentation. It later records, saves or publishes the clip automatically.

During the process, one does not need any Internet connectivity, according to the software’s developers.
Speaking at the launch, guest speaker from Wellington University Michael Hegeman said the system allows students not to run to classes when late as they can simply turn on the videos and watch.
He further said the system uses high technology devices such Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7(32/64 bit), Windows media player, 3.0GHZ Dual-core processor, Hard Drive Storage 300MB per hour, IGB Ram minimum, VGA Framegrabber, camera and microphone to offer quality coverage.
Presentation 2go is effective in allowing students and lecturers to take notes while the presentation is going on as they will be automatically updated, he expressed.
Through the software one can edit the presentation after recording to give finer details, upload videos, slides, audio and sharing of notes link.
It also gives maximum security as the owner of the data will decide on the people he likes to have access to information.
Technology Partners Limited’s managing director Leonard Mware said: “Universities in Kenya are set to benefit from this platform as the demand for distance learning is high. Lecturers will just have to teach one lessons then upload to allow a wide access irrespective of distance and time.”
He noted, since the system permits any video device to capture, record, store and upload to make a clip accessible through computer or mobile phone, it will be very effective in reaching out to many people at a an affordable fee.
“The Platform where students are asked to engage in discussion with teachers provides a good opportunity of asking questions to some students who have a negative attitude thus effective in sharing of knowledge and affordable to many universities in the country,” Mware said.
Mware hailed the four main mobile service provides namely Safaricom, Airtel Kenya ,Essar YU and Orange Kenya for their 3G Internet connectivity which has made Internet connectivity accessible throughout the country.
Kenya ICT policy aims at ensuring all services in the country are propelled by technology to offer faster and better quality products through e-education, e-health and e-governance through the Kenya ICT Board .
Technology Partners Limited, which operates in Kenya, offers technology solutions for the education, government, banking manufacturing and retail sector.
The solutions includes e-learning and IT consulting, anti-virus and Information technology security, barcode technology, anti-plagiarism, application software development and maintenance.
Kenya is the first country in Africa to have the Presentation 2GO software. Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, Turkey and Germany have the service. It was developed in 2002 at Wageningen University, Netherlands.

Today’s launch took place at the Hilton Hotel.

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