Kenyan-founded Scrobber pursues Russians and Chinese for wider user base

Scrobber, a one-month old virtual pinboard and online merchandise store, has come up with a new strategy that would render it a global stretch. The developers behind the app are now extending it to the Russian and Chinese speakers.

Developed by Kenya’s Antony Gitonga, 19, and Gatwiri Murithi, 28, the two say multiple language support would help garner global user base.

Gitonga told HumanIPO that they are looking to make Scrobber the next frontier in social networking and this demands making a social network that everybody can identify with.

He added that Russian and Chinese would help them break into other markets overlooked by today’s popular social networks for reasons of language barriers. The developer said a co-founder based in Kazakhstan is developing the languages.

The site’s Chinese version supports RenRen Login, QQ Login and uses a Tabao Gateway for e-commerce.

We have also revamped Scrobber’s layout to give users a sense of belonging. We are also adding Groups Support, Events Support, GeoLocation Support and Company pages,” Gitonga said.

According to the developers, the Russian Version is ready and will be released for public testing this weekend. The Chinese Version has Vkontakte friend search and a Cyrillic encoding.

The changes were due to the requests and feedback from their users.

The English version has been up and running for the last one month and has a payment and product listing gateway. It allows users to sign up and connect with Twitter and Facebook.The developers are now adding to instant chat, VoIP and live video and audio broadcasts to the site with the Scrobber mobile app underway.

However, the developers point out on lack of capital and fear that the Internet speeds in most African countries might hinder their users from enjoying live video and audio broadcasts.

The two while in an exclusive interview with HumanIPO had explained that Scrobber allows users to organize and share the “beautiful things” they find on the Web as users can browse pinboards created by other people.

Gitonga said the need to create local content was the primary motivator behind the app and added that sellers could also use the platform as a local ‘e-bay’ to vend their wares.
Similar apps include Pinterest and LoveIt.

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