Kenya tries out mobile parking payment system in Nairobi’s Koinange St

A pilot project for testing a mobile car parking payment system in Kenya by Nairobi City Council is on track in the capital Nairobi’s Koinange Street.

Nairobi Town Clerk Roba Duba expressed that if the project works as planned, it will be a milestone toward the improvement of service delivery adding that failure to collect revenue had a negative impact on the delivery of their services.

The e-payment has the ability to display dates and invoice. Invoice capabilities have been extended to SMS electronic payment and confirmation, while the City Council can make necessary amends to its accounts and meet its terms at the touch of a button.

Mobile service providers YU, Airtel and Orange and car owners from other networks have been designated roles to facilitate transactions. They are currently using semi-automated system where payments are transacted through a cash agent system that enables the car park attendant to pay into the system on behalf of customers.

Duba further assured council employees that the new project would not affect their employment.

He added that with automation of services at the council as their main goal, they will start with parking tickets

In this case, he said, motorists will be required to pay electronically and if it emerges successful, they will have it introduced in other departments in the council where services like paying for business permits, land rates, health certificates among other invoice services offered by the council will be done electronically.

Duba added that with the system, the council would be able to stop the theft as only 40 percent of revenue collected will reach the treasury.

He explained that the new system would also stop the inefficiency and inconvenience in parking situations where unprincipled officers play hide and seek with motorists wanting to pay.
Mobile parking payment dates back to 2002 where an Estonian leading mobile communication operator and Norwegian communications applications developer Scangit AS launched a pilot project for mobile parking services in Norway.

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