SparkWeb makes ATMs in South Africa operable wirelessly

A Web portal tagged SparkWeb now allows users of automated teller machines (ATMs) in South Africa to access their bank accounts remotely.

Banks can now also share critical data remotely in real-time using the secure service.

SparkWeb, developed by Cape Town’s Spark ATM Systems, allows the ATM operators to track levels of cash left in the ATM, view users transactional data, historic statements, transaction reports, reimbursement reports, cash dispensed reports and see the ATM performance graphs, notes the Technology Banker.

Managing director of Spark ATM Systems Marc Sternberg told the Technology Banker that merchants will have access to information and will be able to predict busy periods thus ensuring their ATM is fully stocked for these crucial times.

According to him, merchants can also access SparkWeb service remotely if they are online from mobile phones or laptop.

The firm also has a newly launched dual-SIM wireless cellular telecommunications. Merchants will use the dual SIM-wireless cellular telecommunication service to access ATM’s wirelessly.

The firm has also introduced SparkConnect, SparkView and SparkManage softwares to help run transactions, do processing, switching, monitoring, alerting and overall management of the ATM network.

Spark ATM Systems was established in 2005 and is based in Cape Town, South Africa. The firm claims to be the fastest growing independent ATM deployer in South Africa selling, installing and maintaining world-leading ATMs into the South African convenience ATM market.

The firm also sales, installs, maintains, monitors, reports and offers call-centre services to its network of ATM clients.

Spark ATM also offers merchants opportunities of advertising their franchise and can earn from them aside from marketing their services or products.

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