Gambia Launches its First 4G Device

Netpage from Gambia launched its 4G device last week, which had gone into sales even before the official launch. Netpage said its towers can carry 40 times more bandwidth than the normal 3G networks.

The devices that they have can provide up to 40 megabits. Simon Abraham, CEO Netpage, said, “I cannot imagine what 40 megabits is like in Gambia, but I have experienced it and it is actually overwhelming.

He also added that they had built a dynamic platform that does not tie users to a specific tariff for a specific plan, allowing users to manage how they want their speeds to be. This concept allows one to reduce cost as they can choose lower tariffs if they are working on a tight budget.

4G adoption in Africa has taken a little bit longer compared to 3G adoption. Airtel Kenya recently launched its 3.75G network, and terming it as the fastest in the region. Safaricom also has been having plans to launch the 4G service something that is yet to be seen.

Speaking to HumanIPO, Stephen Chege, Safaricom’s Head of Regulatory and Public Policy said, “Once there comes an understanding on the standards on which to operate the 4G network, it’s going to be easier to roll out the network. You will see devices being come out with standardized features supporting the 4G network ranges.”

Africa is yet to fully embrace the 4G network, with European countries being the ones making the most out of it. Research has shown that this is due to the increased number of tablets and smartphones being sold in the European market, something that is yet to be seen in Africa.

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