Apple’s iTunes could soon be launched in South Africa

Apple could soon be launching its iTunes services in South Africa come this September.

Yoel Kenan, the founder and CEO of African music licensing firm Africori, made the declaration while speaking at last week’s at the Mobile Entertainment Africa 2012 in Cape Town, South Africa citing an internal source from Apple.

Kenan however clarified that he is not involved with iTunes although they do aggregate music content to Apple’s popular music service. Africori provides digital music solutions and services to artists, record labels, telecom companies and ad agencies.

When asked about the launch in SA, Core Group, South Africa’s local distributor for Apple products, said: “There has been no announcement from Apple and we have no further information.”

If this announcement is anything to go by, then South Africans will be able to get music from the store, that will bring with it over 20 million songs, to be automatically downloaded and organized in their devices and computers.

They will no longer have to use fictitious addresses to access the iTunes services as a dedicated iTunes store will eradicate this.

iTunes store uses iCloud service to distribute content across all linked iDevices. The store has enabled users in the USA an UK to have access to movies and TV series immediately they are available. The users can then view them from home. Those with an AppleTV usually get a link between the internet and the standard TV, and with this, most of the video content is usually in pure High Definition.

iTunes was launched more thatn 12 years ago, and only until recently did it go live in Brazil and 15 other Latin American countries. By them eyeing the South African market is a clear indication that Africa is now ripe for a digital explosion, thanks to the penetration of Internet services.

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