Nigeria ranked world’s second largest user of Facebook mobile app

It is now official that Nigeria is the world’s second largest user of Facebook Mobile app, according to statistics released by SocialBakers.

Nigeria scooped this position, with 87.9 percent of active Facebook users in the country using Facebook Mobile app.

However, this represents a 6.2 percent drop. The country was ranked in the first position in a similar survey back in May 2012, where the app had penetrated to 81.2 percent of the Facebook users.

The application is currently being used by over 543 million users worldwide, representing a 57 percent penetration in Facebook’s 955 million users. Back in May, the figure stood at 488 million users on Facebook Mobile app.

The same statistics show that North America is the strongest Facebook mobile app users, with 161 million active monthly users, followed by Asia and Europe at 134.2 percent and 120.7 percent respectively. Africa has 21.7 million users on the Facebook mobile app

At the same time, SocialBakers reports that Nigeria has arrived at 5 million user mark, barely 11 months after hitting 4 million users. The country is now ranked number 33 worldwide, with 5,136,980 users as at August 2012 (SocialBakers).

The country has maintained its third position in Africa behind Egypt and South Africa, who have 11 million and 5.3 million users respectively.

Analysts say that Nigeria is likely to see its Facebook users increase rapidly in the coming months, and may probably overtake South Africa, which is ahead by only 200,000 users.

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